GUI Design Studio 3.0 Released

June 6th, 2008

GUI Design Studio version 3.0 has now been released and is available for immediate download. If you’ve already tried a previous version or subscribed to our newsletter then check your email for download instructions, otherwise please request a trial.

With GUI Design Studio version 3.0, you can design and prototype a broad range of applications.

Rich Desktop ApplicationsRich Desktop Applications
In addition to the 40+ common controls included in GUI Design Studio, you can use a variety of other generic elements and add graphic images and icons too.

And with extensive support for tabbed interfaces, modal popups, dialogs and a whole host of other features, you can design almost any application.

RibbonBar ApplicationsRibbon Bar Applications
Love it or hate it, you can’t ignore the Ribbon Bar interface that Microsoft introduced in Office 2007.

Now you can try out a Ribbon Bar design for your application without having to commit to any particular implementation or toolset.

Then you can evaluate it against a more traditional menus and toolbars design to see what works best for your users. All without coding of course!

Web ApplicationsWeb Applications
There’s a complementary set of elements specifically designed for Web applications that you can use with some of the common controls.

Using components, GUI Design Studio makes it easy to deal with the complex Web sites containing common sections such as navigation menus on multiple pages. It even allows each instance to be customised while retaining a common master.

Rich Internet ApplicationsRich Internet Applications (RIAs)
Modern Web applications are approaching the power of desktop applications.

GUI Design Studio provides for this with its support for components, dynamic panels, rollovers and tabbed interfaces.




Multiple Visual StylesMultiple Visual Styles Supported
Whether you’re designing for Windows Vista, XP, NT or the Web, you can change the look of your design with a couple of preference settings. Design in one style and present in another.

And if you need more of a lo-fi wireframe presentation that says “hey, this is just a quick prototype” then you can use Outline styling options or unusual colour schemes. Ever seen XP in orange?

Icon ExpressEasy Access To Icons
No application is complete without icons. We’ve included over 150 common icons to get you started but when you need to create your own, you’ve got instant access to Icon Express, our simple to use icon editor.

And if you need a more powerful icon editor, you can configure GUI Design Studio to use your favourite editor instead.




Customer Upgrades
If you’ve already purchased GUI Design Studio licenses then version 3.0 will continue to work with your existing keys and your existing projects will be 100% compatible. Simply download and install version 3.0 over your current version and enjoy the latest features.

Evaluating GUI Design Studio 3.0
If you’ve previously tried version 2.4 or below, then version 3.0 should provide you with a new 30-day free trial period. If, for any reason, it reports that your license has expired then contact our support team and we’ll happily provide you with a new trial license key.


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