Why Pixel Density is Important for Application Designers

March 27th, 2012

After much anticipation, the big splash of the moment is the release of the Apple iPad 3¬†with its high density “Retina” display. This will allow for more detail in higher resolution images and sharper text with legibility to rival paper. Soon, Microsoft and other tablet manufacturers will follow suit with high density displays in their […]

A Roundup of GUI Design Studio 4.3 Updates

March 21st, 2012

Since the v4.3 release of GUI Design Studio in November, we’ve been working on the next v4.4 release features and providing a trickle of v4.3 updates. With the latest v4.3.133.0 update made available today, I thought it was time to roundup the latest changes. These are generally all fixes and tweaks with no major new […]