Frequently Asked Questions

1. Features

1.1. How is the trial version different from the full version?

The trial version is limited to 30 days of use before it expires. There is an "evaluation version" watermark on the design screen and a further watermark on printouts and design image copies and exports.

Otherwise, they have identical functionality allowing you to fully evaluate the product's features within your trial period. We offer full technical support during this period to answer any of your questions and help you to get the best from the tool.

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1.2. What visual styles does GUI Design Studio support?

Version 3.0 allows you to select between the following options:

  • Windows Classic (as used in Windows NT)
  • Windows XP
  • Windows XP Classic (for transitional applications)
  • Windows Vista

For each of these, you can select a colour scheme that is independent of your system settings to avoid any confusion.

If demand is strong, we will consider providing further visual styles.

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1.3. My screens look too real and finished - is there a 'sketch' mode?

There are 4 "Outline" colour schemes (Red, Green, Blue and Charcoal) that will make your designs look more like a line drawing. These can be applied with any of the visual styles but work best with Windows Classic.

Sketch styles can be useful when trying to obtain feedback from people who might be reluctant to suggest changes to a design that looks 'finished'. Since the purpose of a prototype is to solicit such feedback, this feature can help reviewers to focus on the content and perhaps the overall layout and flow of a design.

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1.4. How can I distribute GUI designs to other people for review?

The GUI Design Viewer may be freely distributed to anyone that needs to review designs. The Viewer allows you to open project files, individual design files and run simulations.

You can download the Viewer from the Downloads page. The Viewer runs on Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/NT/2000.

You can also generate complete specification documentation in PDF, RTF or HTML formats for distribution or posting to an Internet or Intranet Website. This will contain all screen images with associated annotations and notes.

Alternatively, you can export designs as static images for distribution or inclusion within other documents, print them for distribution or ensure that the recipients have their own GUI Design Studio license (even just a trial license).

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1.5. Can GUI Design Studio generate code for me?

Not yet. The focus for GUI Design Studio is to be a freeform design tool without limitations imposed by particular development tools.

However, we recognise that having created a design prototype, it would be a very useful and time saving feature to automatically translate that design into code as far as possible.

We are currently considering the impact of such a feature on the complexity of the tool and how it might best be provided with such a vast range of potential target environments.

If you have any strong opinions or requirements in this area then please use the Suggestion Feedback Form to let us know.

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2. Purchasing

2.1. What do I get when I purchase?

You are purchasing one or more licenses to use the software. This is granted in the form of an unlock key per license purchased that turns your trial version into the full version, removing any limitations. These keys are sent by email and are valid for an unlimited amount of time for the particular version purchased.

You will also be entitled to free minor version updates to the software. So if you purchase version 5.0, you will be entitled to all 5.x updates. Major version updates (for example to 6.0) may require an upgrade charge.

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2.2. How long does it take to get my license key(s) after purchase?

For credit/debit card purchases, our fully automated system will send out your license key(s) and invoice within a few minutes of purchasing.

For other forms of payment, such as wire transfer or cheque, the license key(s) will be sent as soon as the full payment has cleared.

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2.3. Do you offer discounts for educational establishments?

We offer a significant discount to all educational establishments. We also have a special price for individual students.

For details and a quote, please contact from your academic email account.

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2.4. What forms of payment do you accept?

We can accept online payments with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners, UK debit cards or PayPal. Note that you do not need to have or to create a PayPal account if you wish to use that option.

You can also choose to pay by Bank Wire Transfer, Cheque or even cash, but your licenses will only be sent once full payment has cleared.

Be assured that online payments are taken on secure servers so your personal information is safe.

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2.5. Can I get the software on CD-ROM?

Not at this time. Our software is currently only available through Internet download.

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2.6. What is your upgrade policy?

Our upgrade policy is that all minor version updates (3.0 to 3.x for example) are free. Major version updates (3.x to 4.x) will incur an upgrade charge (though we decided to provide free upgrades to versions 2 and 3).

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