Approved Reseller Program

Our e-commerce system, powered by element 5, makes it easy for you as a reseller to make purchases on behalf of your clients.

It provides extensive invoicing, multiple currency options, a wide range of payment options and immediate delivery of licenses either to you or directly to your client.

Here's how the system works:

  1. Register as a reseller through our e-commerce system (link opens in a new window). As part of this process you will need to choose a Password.
  2. You will receive an email containing an assigned Reseller ID.
  3. As soon as we have checked your details and activated your account, you will receive another notification email.
  4. Purchase licenses for your clients online through any of our regular Buy links. The order form will provide a place for you to log in with your Reseller ID and Password and allow you to enter end-user licensing details. Your reseller discount will also be applied here automatically.
  5. You may also buy using a Purchase Order but licenses are only issued upon receipt of payment as we no longer offer credit terms at this time.

Our standard reseller discount is 20% but we can increase this according to the volume of sales you produce.

See the Reseller Ordering Process for step-by-step instructions on how to order once registered.

Reseller Login

Login to your Reseller Account to review orders that you've placed and to change your account details.