Compare GUI Design Studio Editions

Elements InfoDrag and drop over 120 built-in elements and customize their properties. Full SetFull Set
Icons InfoA basic set of icons are provided to get you started and you can add as many project-specific or shared icons as you want. Full SetFull Set
Icon Editor Integration InfoOur Icon Express editor is included and fully integrated, or integrate your preferred icon editor instead.
Annotation Elements InfoAnnotation elements let you overlay notes on top of your design and toggle them on and off.
Notes Per Element InfoEnter side notes for your designs and individual elements then view them as popup tool-tips from your design or prototype.
Multiple Visual Styles InfoChange preferences or project options to view your design in various Windows or wireframe styles.
CSS Theming InfoCreate custom element styles using CSS style sheets and apply them to projects or elements as themes.
Colour Swatches InfoChange your design colour scheme using professionally created colour swatches and create your own swatches.
Components InfoCreate master design components for consistency across a project or simply for reuse. Change the component and it changes everywhere it's used.
Library Projects and Asset Folders InfoAdd design libraries and existing folders to your project for quick access to reusable design components and image assets.
Storyboard Navigation Links InfoStoryboard application work flow by creating links between UI elements to display windows, panels and web pages, and perform other actions.
Run Prototype InfoInstantly run any design or your whole project as an interactive prototype.
Export Designs as Images InfoDesigns can be copied to the clipboard for pasting into other applications or exported as image files.
Export Running Prototype as an Image InfoCopy the state of the running prototype at any point to the clipboard as an image or export it to an image file.
Custom Element Folders InfoCreate custom elements and element groups as design patterns and place them in special project folders for quick reuse through drag and drop.
Project and Design Templates InfoCreate and use design templates for entire projects or insert them into existing projects as reusable design patterns ready for editing. -
Interactivity on Elements InfoExtended interactivity on elements to change their state and enter data values when running the prototype. -
Data Transfer Between Elements InfoElements can share data values, embed them within text and have them set by expressions through various actions. -
Navigation Based on Data Values InfoUse entered data values and control states in business logic to control the flow of the application prototype. -
Enable/Show Based on Data Values InfoUse entered data values and control states to determine the visibility and enabled state of other controls in your prototype. -
Conditional Content Panels InfoCreate panels that automatically change their content while the prototype is running, based on data values. -
Relational Data Tables InfoUse CSV text files to create a relational database, then display and manipulate the data and run queries to filter the data. -
Export to Distribution File InfoExport your entire project, or just a part of it, to a single distribution file to send to others for review using the free Viewer. -
Generate Documentation InfoGenerate specification documentation for your project in HTML, PDF and RTF formats, including design screenshots, annotations and notes. -
Collaboration using Subversion (SVN) InfoIntegrated support for design team collaboration using Subversion. Requires the use of a 3rd-party SVN Client. -
Price (USD, excl. VAT/Sales Tax) InfoIncludes unlimited email support and minor version upgrades. Licenses are delivered within minutes by email. $49$149
Upgrade from Express InfoYour upgrade license requires that an Express license is already installed. Includes the same support and upgrades as a full license. $100
Upgrade from Version 1 - 4 InfoYour upgrade license requires that a Version 4 (or earlier) license is already installed. Includes the same support and upgrades as a full license. $49