International Text Dialog - GUI Design Sample


This sample shows a typical tabbed dialog from a hypothetical patient database application. The dialog contains a variety of controls to demonstrate the effects of translating the design into different languages.

The English Version

This is the original version of the design. You'll notice extra grid lines in the background of the dialog and addition lines that box in the tab content. These are part of the design construction and are hidden when the design is run as a prototype, printed, exported to an image file or placed into generated specification documentation.

Patient Record Dialog - English Version


The Russian Version

-- Many thanks to Nataliya for the translations!

In this translation, some of the elements had to be repositioned and resized to accommodate the Russian text.

Patient Record Dialog - Russian Version


The Hebrew Version

-- Many thanks to Danny B. for the translations!

In this Hebrew version, note that the whole design has been correctly mirrored right to left. This was achieved using a combination of layout modifications and the "Mirror for Right to Left" property setting on the relevant elements.

Patient Record Dialog - Hebrew Version

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