Web Application GUI Design Example In The Gallery

December 6th, 2007

Internet Banking Web Application GUI DesignMost of our design examples so far have focussed on Desktop applications but GUI Design Studio is also highly suited to Web Application design.

From the many requests for a Web Application sample, and the dozens of different kinds of application requested, we’ve put together an Internet Banking example.

We chose Banking because it would be familiar to most people and we also had easy access to a few real examples to crib ideas from (not that we’re lazy – we just didn’t want to spend too much time re-inventing a good design).

This new sample demonstrates:

  • how to link Web pages
  • using masters for common sections like headers, footers and navigation menus
  • overriding properties on masters for specific page differences such as highlighting the current page
  • dynamic page content (on-page changes)
  • mouse overs, including a popup window
  • generated documentation

You can see this new design example in the Gallery where you can also download the project design files and view the generated PDF and HTML documentation.

The project files and distribution file (.gdd) will all open in version 2.4 of both the full GUI Design Studio application and also the free Viewer that you can download from any of the Gallery pages.

Be sure to give us your feedback and let us know what other design samples you’d like us to create (leave a comment here, send us an email or use the Web forms).


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