GUI Design Studio Plans For 2009

January 20th, 2009

In the middle of 2008 we released version 3.0 of GUI Design Studio. This was a major step forward for creating user interface mockups and prototypes with the introduction of the Windows Vista visual style option, Ribbon Bar elements, better Web application support and a bunch of other enhancements.

You may have noticed our new Website redesign and, while we’ve been planning a lot of new product developments, we’ve realised that we didn’t release nearly enough versions of GUI Design Studio in the year as we’d intended. we aim to fix that!

So we’re taking a different approach for 2009. Our new plan is to make a new release of GUI Design Studio roughly once every month so that you can benefit from all the latest updates sooner or upgrade whenever it’s convenient.

With this new, incremental development plan, you’ll be seeing regular small improvements with major new features thrown in, every once in a while, as they get completed.

I don’t want to reveal too much detail at this stage about the biggest new features we have planned (you’ll find out about them in due course) but, to give you a taster, here’s a few of the things we’ll be looking at:

  • The interactive capabilities of the prototypes will be expanded in a big way, including better support for business logic with enhanced scenarios. So many of you have been requesting this. It’s a very exciting feature and will let you explore a much wider range of designs with much less effort.
  • There’ll be further export and documentation options to give you the flexibility you’ve been asking for and helping you take designs to the next stage.
  • Better layout tools will help you make adjustments more easily, mockup interfaces even faster and provide further prototyping capabilities.
  • We want to increase your productivity with new features and support to help get you started on projects and designs faster. One part of this will be the long-awaited release of a series of training videos. Another part will be the release of user interface design pattern libraries that will demonstrate good practices and get you started more quickly and easily. We’ve been talking to customers about these for over two years so you’ll be glad to know we’re finally getting on with them!

Our goal has always been to ‘help you produce software that better meets users’ needs’. Keep sending us your suggestions and feedback to let us know what’s really important to you and help shape the tool for everyone.

We’ll certainly be keeping busy in 2009 and we wish you a very happy and productive year!


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