Nice Presentation About Documenting Interactive Websites

November 18th, 2008

Patrick Kennedy has released the slides from his presentation at the “Enhancing Online User Experience” conference in Melbourne Australia.

His Documenting Interactive Websites blog post contains the slides (also below) along with some great notes that he took after the session. Note that the link below is for the slideshare copy (without notes).

There are some nice sitemap, wireframe and storyboarding slides in the presentation to enjoy:

Patrick discusses the inadequacies of traditional documentation for the design of interactive Web 2.0 sites and makes the case for prototyping as an appropriate way to describe them. This is clearly a view that I share.

As tools like GUI Design Studio become more widely known and fully mature, I think that prototyping will become a common part of Website design as the ease and simplicity of using the tools will remove all barriers and the advantages become apparent.

Take a look at Patrick’s presentation and see what you think!


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