iPhone Contacts Application Prototype Example

August 13th, 2010

iPhone Contact Info Prototype Screen DesignNow that we’ve posted an updated iPhone Library of GUI design widgets (v1.1), it was time to add a new example to the Gallery that makes use of it.

The iPhone Contacts application prototype example is based on the built-in Contacts application on the Apple iPhone. It was built entirely from elements within the library, very quickly.

Here are some of the key areas this example demonstrates:

  • The typical structure for an iPhone application prototype project in GUI Design Studio.
  • Putting together a Quick Concept flow of the application.
  • The basic elements needed to create the screens.
  • How a typical screen design is put together.
  • How to create a scrolling section on a screen.
  • Flipping between portrait and landscape oriented designs.

The project files can be downloaded from the example gallery page.

I hope this example will help you get your iPhone application prototypes off to a flying start!


2 Responses to “iPhone Contacts Application Prototype Example”

  1. john says:

    I can not log iphone library Web site.
    Can you give me a iphone library? Please! Thank you!

  2. Jonathan says:

    The library website is hosted on Posterous and, in our experience, sometimes has slow or limited access. The site and library posts should be live so please try again after a while.