GUI Design Studio 5.3 Released

April 25th, 2018

Version 5.3 is a maintenance release of GUI Design Studio.


  1. Added support for PNG format ICO files and sets of PNG files on the Icons panel. No more conversion to ICO!
  2. Added a ‘Row Index’ Column Type to Table elements. When this is set, the entered cell value is ignored and replaced with the 1-based index for the row.
  3. Remember the last active property editor tab when Cancel is pressed, not just when OK is pressed.

Bug Fixes:

  1. When using CSV data table content in a Tree element, the expanded/contracted state of substituted items is now set to the designed state rather than always expanding as an initial state.
  2. Capturing the image of a running prototype screen (for clipboard copy or file export) when an Edit Box is active has now been fixed. Previously, the active Edit Box content lost and captured as its previous value. It now closes the Edit Box before capture to ensure the correct canvas state.
  3. Fixed problems with software updates on modern versions of Windows by replacing the software update engine.



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