GUI Design Studio 5.1 Released

September 7th, 2016

Version 5.1 is a maintenance release of GUI Design Studio. Most of the fixes apply only to the Professional edition though one or two also apply to the Express edition.


  1. Optional prompt text added to single line Edit Boxes.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Run Query Properties now only allows alpha-numeric characters for the query table name.
  2. Fixed an exit crash caused by the HTML documentation generator.
  3. Blank column headings (field names) in CSV data tables no longer cause problems.
  4. Tabbed interfaces can now trigger additional actions without¬†causing problems. Specifically, this affects Tab Bars with implicit anchors¬†and other tabbed interfaces with Window Placeholder Anchors. It was previously assumed that all related connections would be “Replace Window” types. But users can connect other actions to the tabs, for example to set data or run queries.
  5. In rare circumstances, failing to load a component design with associated documentation entries would result in a crash prior to this fix.
  6. Fixed a crash that could occur when a prototype completes execution after running a data query during the prototype test.
  7. Fixed the synchronisation of data table records for the current modal layer. Previously, this resulted in unexpected behaviour in some designs when, for example, running a query in a sub-layer that relied on data which had been modified in that layer.
  8. Fixed broken opacity (transparency) settings on Shape elements.



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