GUI Design Studio 4.6 Released With New Charts

July 22nd, 2013

New Version 4.6The new 4.6 versions of GUI Design Studio Professional and Express, along with a new Viewer, are now available for download.

For users of versions 4.0 to 4.5, this is a free upgrade and the Viewer is, of course, always free. Users of GUI Design Studio version 3 or below can install v4.6 in parallel and try it out before upgrading.

New Chart Elements

At long last, you can now add a variety of common charts to your designs, each with many customization options:
Demo Charts



You’ll notice that none of the charts have titles! That’s because it’s better and easier to add a title Text element to the design and position it wherever you want than incorporate all of the text positioning and styling options into the charts themselves.

Data Labels

Line Charts and Pie Charts can include data labels as an option but these are normally provided in a separate data key.

As with chart titles, rather than burden each chart with position and styling options, the Chart Key is supplied as a separate element. That does mean it’s up to you to ensure the keys match, but it provides good flexibility and allows multiple charts to share the same key.


Each chart contains default, semi-randomized data so you have something to show when quickly mocking up your design.

From there, you can either use the data table editor in each chart’s property editor, or connect the charts to (CSV) data tables for dynamic and consistent data values.

Colour Schemes

With dynamic CSV data, assigning individual colours to each data set is problematic and, in any case, fairly tedious.

Instead, we’ve supplied a number of preset colour schemes that cover a wide range of uses. This allows for easy consistency across multiple charts in multiple designs. It also allows for automatic adjustment and recycling of colours in large data sets.

The data colour sets are defined in simple text files. We’ll add a UI to edit them if demand for custom colour schemes is high. Or, if you need a custom colour scheme for your charts, just contact our Support and we’ll put one together for you.


Each chart has its own set of options though all the Line and Bar Charts share similar customizations, including axes and line options.

Gradient fills are also available on all but Line Charts, for example:

Demo Charts with Gradients

Tree Grid Hybrid Element

As an experimental feature, you can now combine a Tree Element with a Table Element to create a highly effective Tree Grid hybrid element:



It was always possible to create a static mock-up of such a design before, but now, when a Tree is placed on top of a Table element, the two are synchronized to ensure that vertical scrolling, selections and row visibility are kept in harmony.

We’ve tweaked a few styling options to help smooth this along (see below).

To learn more about how to create a Tree Grid, search for “tree grids” in the new Help Index.

Other changes in version 4.6

All editions:

  • Corner radius options added to Rounded Rectangle Shape
    • Every corner has independent X and Y radius options for full (CSS3-style) flexibility
    • For speed of entry in the most common case, a button allows the first entry to be copied to all others
    • A further button copies the first X-Y pair to all other corners
  • Per-column control of Table selection highlighting
    • Previously, you could only choose to highlight the entire selected row or the text of the first non-fixed column on a selected row
    • Now, each column has an independent option of whether to highlight the content or not when the row is selected
    • The old option now controls whether the full box or just the text is highlighted
    • Useful for getting certain Tree Grid designs looking right
  • New Tree selection highlight options
    • The highlight text and background colours are now selectable
    • The highlight style can now be set to: Text, Extended, Full or None
    • Useful for getting certain Tree Grid designs looking right
  • Onward connections from Message and Scenario boxes
    • Now fixed to use Left Click rather than follow the input trigger event
    • This is most useful when using scenario boxes from ‘Show’ events
    • It’s more intuitive and saves having to change the ongoing connections to match
  • Document windows only maximize themselves on startup
    • The first document you open will maximize
    • Thereafter, the current maximized/cascaded/tiled state will be honoured
    • Important if you work on multiple designs or views of the same design at the same time
  • Background Sketch transparency removed
    • Affects Web Page and Frame Window elements
    • This was impacting performance without adding much benefit

Professional edition only:

  • New text expression functions
    • Take a look at the “Expressions Reference” in the Help to see what they all do.
  • Modified expression functions
    • These now return a 1-based index value instead of a simple 1/0 boolean result.
    • Take a look at the “Expressions Reference” in the Help to see what they all do.
  • CSV data file editor improved
    • You can now choose to insert (Insert key) or append (Alt+Insert) new data records.
    • Pasting will insert a new record rather than overwrite the selected record.
    • Right-click context menu added for main data editor.
    • Column identification fixed (for field insertion/deletion) when horizontally scrolled.

Bugs fixed in version 4.5

  • Fixes made to scrolling and moving Components.
  • Fix to subtle issues involving Component sharing.
  • Fix to blocking of further connections after Message and Scenario boxes.
  • Fix to Paint Properties for single selection of Connections.
  • Fix to Undo/Redo of bulk Paint Properties operations.
  • Fix to automatic navigations firing when screens are hidden.
  • Fix to fixed columns Table scrolling.
  • Fix to Table element scrolling to externally added items.
  • Fix to Table element crash with sorting and empty CSV file.
  • Fix to rare documentation generation crash with looped Scenarios.
  • Fix to Storyboard element names in generated documentation.


We hope the new features and fixes in GUI Design Studio v4.6 help you with your software mock-ups and prototypes. Let us know how you get on by leaving a comment below, contacting Support through the usual channels, or on the Forums.

Happy designing!



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