GUI Design Studio 4.2 Quick Update

December 2nd, 2010

We’ve just fixed a couple of bugs that crept into Tuesday’s 4.2 release. So if you’ve already installed version 4.2.110 then please download version 4.2.111 and install that in its place. Thanks.

Bugs Fixed:

  1. Scroll bars on List Boxes, Trees and Multi-Line Edit Boxes were being enabled when they were redundant and should have been disabled. A fairly minor bug but it needed fixing.
  2. The “Conditions” box part of Conditional Content Panels had become inaccessible for selection, moving or making connections. This important fix is the main reason for this immediate update.
  3. The Viewer now correctly accepts a .gdd project distribution file as a command line parameter. Normally, the Viewer opens files through other mechanisms but this can be useful in some cases.

Many thanks to everyone that has reported these bugs!


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