GUI Design Studio 4.1 Released

July 28th, 2010

New Version 4.1GUI Design Studio version 4.1 is now available for immediate download. This is a maintenance release with some fixes and changes based on customer requests. It’s a free upgrade for all registered v4 users. Users of v3 and earlier versions can try this version for 30 days or purchase an upgrade.

For customers using version 4.0 of GUI Design Studio, simply install the new version and your existing licenses will continue to work. Be sure to install the correct Professional or Express edition though!

New Element Grouping in v4.1

This has been a long-standing request from users so we’re pleased to introduce element grouping into version 4.1. This will become an essential feature for creating more complex custom elements.

Grouped elements form a unit so that selecting and moving one element within the group will move them all together. Elements within a group can still be individually selected to resize them and change their properties and grouping does not affect parent/child relationships.

First select all of the elements you want to group together, then use the new “Group Elements” command on the right-click context menu (Ctrl+G hotkey):
Element Grouping
You can also add elements into an existing group using this command. The “Ungroup Elements” command (Ctrl+Shift+G) will remove all selected elements from their respective groups.

Once grouped, selecting any of the elements within the group will display a dashed group box around all elements in the group and they will move as one for the following operations:

  • Drag and drop moving of elements
  • Keyboard moving of elements
  • Alignment and multiple selection ‘group’ alignment
  • Spacing elements evenly
  • Swap element positions
  • Send to Back / Bring to Front

Grouped Elements

Other Changes in v4.1

  1. When duplicating designs, there is now a prompt to save changes to the original first if it is open in the editor and has been modified.
  2. “Web Page Part” elements now only show their design-time border on the design where they actually exist. The border no longer shows up on Components containing the Web Page Part or on exported images.
  3. Viewer Preferences changed to remove designer-only options.
  4. (Pro edition only) Text substitution has been extended to practically all element text allowing a wider range of effects and realism.
  5. (Pro edition only) Conditional Content panels now refresh their content on selection changes within List Boxes and Trees made using the keyboard as well as the mouse. This allows keyboard navigation to be used within a list to change the contents of a panel based on the selected item.

Bug Fixes in v4.1

  1. Navigating to Thumbnail Components could ‘catch’ elements within the extended, full bounds of the Component. In some cases, this might result in extra elements appearing unexpectedly in the screen being navigated to. In other cases, involving Conditional Content panels navigating to the Thumbnail, this could set up an infinite navigation loop, resulting in a crash. This bug has now been fixed.
  2. Entering design and/or element notes then switching back and forth between design document tabs could result in a crash in some instances. This behaviour does not appear to have been present prior to V4.0 and has now been fixed.
  3. Notes fields will now only accept text pasted from the clipboard. Previously, it was tantilisingly possible to paste in images and OLE objects which appeared initially but were not saved or maintained in any way. Maybe this will be allowed in the future.
  4. Copying and pasting Thumbnail Components now maintains correct positioning instead of placing them all at the mouse cursor location.
  5. Copying and pasting sets of Radio Buttons now correctly maintains their selection group states.
  6. Minor drawing fixes made to Vista style Edit Boxes when a custom border colour is chosen to allow it to blend into the background more easily. The auto navigation ‘o’ symbol on buttons also fixed for certain situations.
  7. Issues related to scrolling component regions have been fixed.
  8. Certain navigations involving multiple Tab Bars being switched in and out, especially using Conditional Content panels (Pro edition only), could result in multiple Tab Bars and panels being active and visible on top of each other at the same time. A fix has been made but it’s possible this may result in new unexpected behaviour, though none has been found yet.
  9. (Pro edition only) Conditional expressions now correctly accept sub-variables using dot (‘.’) notation. For example, “MyListBox.index”.
  10. (Pro edition only) When editing Project Variables (creating project-level sets of data variables), entering a blank variable value then selecting different variables in the list resulted in unexpected behaviour and crashing in some cases. This has now been fixed.


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