Easier GUI Design Distributions Are On Their Way

May 26th, 2006

If you’re working within a team of designers then you’ll appreciate the way that GUI Design Studio stores designs in separate files so that you can all work on parts of the same project at the same time.

But when you want to send your whole GUI design project to someone for review then you have to make sure they have all the files they need. If they’re all within the project then it’s easy enough to zip up the project folder to send them but if you’ve linked to images randomly scattered on your hard disk then it becomes more of a problem.

That’s about to change with version 2.1 being released very soon. There’s a new Distribution File feature that compiles your design files and anything they reference into a single file that you can easily send to someone.

You can choose to compile the whole project, a section of it or just a single design file:

GUI Design Studio distribution file include options


By popular request, there’s also an option that allows the distribution file to be double-clicked in Windows Explorer so that it launches straight into the Viewer’s Simulator as if you were running your design as a real application:

GUI Design Studio distribution file automatic run options


To complete the illusion, there’s a further option to close the Viewer afterwards so that you don’t even see it.

With a couple of small tweaks still to make, we should be ready to release GUI Design Studio 2.1 some time next week. Watch this space for further news.


3 Responses to “Easier GUI Design Distributions Are On Their Way”

  1. Doug says:

    Looks exciting!

  2. Turtle says:

    Thanks Doug!

    We’re very excited with the new release. This was quite a big feature to put in and it will make a lot of difference to many users.

    If all goes to plan, GUI Design Studio 2.1 should be made available tomorrow!

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