Announcing the winner of our "spot the film" competition…

October 23rd, 2006

Thanks to those that took part in this little bit of fun, both on the blog and by email.

The correct answer to the film is of course “Harvey“, made in 1950 and starring James Stewart. It’s a wonderful film that you really must see!

The odd one out in the cast list was Mary Chase who wrote the original stage play and also the screenplay for the film (with Oscar Brodney).

And the winner is… Kevin Murray with an amazingly quick answer. Ian Summers was a very close runner up being pipped at the post by just a few minutes. Well done to both of you!

We’d like to think that such fast and accurate answers came from your encyclopedic knowledge of great films and nothing at all to do with the use of Internet search engines or online film databases ;-). Congratulations however you got there!

Whether you managed to answer the competition or not, I hope you managed to take a look at the Outlook-alike design example from the last post. If you just look at the video you’ll get some idea of what GUI Design Studio can do with your user interface designs.

If you download the distribution file (and Viewer) then you can also try out the application simulation, have a look at how the project was put together and maybe get some tips for your own design projects.


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