A Roundup of GUI Design Studio 4.3 Updates

March 21st, 2012

Since the v4.3 release of GUI Design Studio in November, we’ve been working on the next v4.4 release features and providing a trickle of v4.3 updates.

With the latest v4.3.133.0 update made available today, I thought it was time to roundup the latest changes. These are generally all fixes and tweaks with no major new interface or features added (we’re working on those for v4.4 and beyond).

Update v4.3.133.0  (21 March 2012)

  1. Distribution package option added with Viewer included.
  2. Running app check added for future installers.
  3. Prototype Options now saved per project.
  4. Identification of “Distribution” project added to title bar.
  5. Fix to Radio Button Sketch style.

Update v4.3.132.0  (8 March 2012)

  1. Direct pasting of images implemented.
  2. Help buttons added to Set Data editor.
  3. Default look and feel updated to Windows 7/Vista.
  4. Fix to poor formatting in annotation pop-ups.

Update v4.3.131.0  (27 February 2012)

  1. Components now easier to distinguish with blue selection boxes.
  2. Web Page Part margin lines more visible in all colour schemes.
  3. Fix to missing annotation pop-ups when they were too large.
  4. Fix to clipped parts of Thumbnails Components in output images.
  5. Fix to clipped Conditional Content Scenario Boxes in output images.
  6. Fix to subtle edge clipping on Shapes and other elements in output.

Update v4.3.130.0  (9 January 2012)

  1. Commands added to Project File Tree context menu.
  2. Validation fixed for documentation generation include options.
  3. List Box item values fixed when running unsaved new designs.


What’s coming up in version 4.4?

We’ve got a pretty full road map of changes ahead but the focus for version 4.4 is better handling of data since this is at the heart of most applications.

Not only will you be able to view and manipulate data records in your prototypes, we’re going to make it easier to prototype custom data displays with repeating elements.

Rather than wait for all the functionality, version 4.4 will be rolled out in a number of incremental updates. Check this blog for details as they become available.



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